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Friday, September 3, 2010

Low slope homes

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I'm not a fan of flat roofs, or low slopes. Over the years products have become available to homeowners that solve the leaking issues. Many times I see a flat roof, or low slope, shingled. The property owner insist it isn't leaking, but I assure them, it is. When we tear off, we discover the decking is rotted and some of the framing is bad. Why it doesn't show in the house? who knows. ( It's the same when I'm bidding a roof and I can see in the attic through the missing ridge, but the owner says it doesn't leak. ) Anyhow, we don't recommend putting shingles on any slope lower than 4/12. What's that? If you take a ruler and measure out 12". Now take another ruler and make a 90 degree angle with the end of the ruler. Measure out 4" up. Now the slope between the two ends is your pitch. (For those of us that went to government schools, that angle is also known as the Hypotenuse.)

When appearance is an issue, I have some other products that I will try, just to eliminate an ugly low slope product. With most others, I suggest either an EPDM or a self stick Modified on a base sheet. I like the EPDM because of it's ability to cover a big area and less seaming. It works very well for roofs that may have some small ponding issues. The modified is good for areas that have a small pitch. Especially around lots of pipes, skylights and penetrations. It drains well and has some granules for protection of small debris. The self adhered product elliminates us having to use a torch or messy black mastics (YUCK!) Most of it ends up on my feet, the ladder, my truck seat, tools, phone....etc. Everything has a use, I just hate Mastic. Self adheres have been out for about 10yrs, and I've used them many times without any problems. Happy owners and a happy contractor.

If you are in our area and are needing a low slope fix, call us. We can give you the best options, even if we feel we can eliminate it with adding slope. Drop us a line.
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