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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hurricane Ike deductibles

I'm not sure that I like my insurance company or not. You never know what to really think. The guy or gal on TV always seems to have my best interest at heart, but why when you have a claim do they put on the armor of war and prepare to do battle? Your in good hands, or like a good neighbor.... What does that really mean? Storms bring, so many questions from property owners that I simply can't answer. Why does one adjuster file a full claim for roof replacement on one home, with no visible damage, and the second adjuster from the same company, denies the claim with a visible blow off? The problem, there is no set bible for claims. Sure the adjusters will tell you that they have guidelines, but I'll tell you straight up, BOLOGNA!!!

It really depends on how the adjuster feels during the day. I've had them guess the size of damage and never climb the roof. I've had them argue with the owner over replacement cost, only to find that they've never seen the project. Your insurance company is required under Texas law to handle your claim in a timely manner and to appoint a property claims person to handle your claim. When they ask you to get some bids, it's generally because they don't feel like figuring your claim themselves. They like to get several estimates from the homeowner, then they figure something up accordingly. It's amazing how contractors always have the time to give an estimate.

If it sounds like I'm harping on the insurance world, you right. I've just had it with adjusters denying consumers claims that deserve a claim. I'm really sick of hearing adjusters who want to inflate damage, to help consumers cover their deductible. These are truly the scum of business. Remember that you are a party to fraud if you allow your adjuster to claim loss, which you do not deserve. You are also a party to fraud if you allow your adjuster to help cover your deductible cost. According to the State of Texas Penal Code, “Offenses Against Property”Chapter 35 Insurance Fraud, you can be charged with a misdemeaner or felony, if your deductible, in full or part, is covered by your contractor or other person involved in the sale of goods or services. Why deal with someone who would deceive the insurance company. We all end up paying higher deductibles and premiums. We have now had the named storm 2% deductible. We could be looking at 5% deductibles if fraud is not stopped. If you you have a contractor or adjuster that tries to hide your deductible cost, stop them right there and report them to the Texas Department of Insurance. http://www.tdi.state.tx.us/fraud/onlinereport.html

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