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Friday, June 20, 2008

Texas roofing.......it's just plain hot!

I don't know too many jobs that involve grabbing a product thats pushing the 130 degree mark, but Roofing in Texas is one of them. It's a delicate job to install a roof without tearing it up. Just the fact you have to walk around on it, while installing it, makes it all the more challenging. When the temperatures of the shingles, get to the soft stage, just the slightest twist of the foot, create swirls of tar on your newly installed shingles. It's sometimes unavoidable, but most roofers are very aware of it, and do many things to prevent it. Finding an old sofa and ripping out the foam pieces is probably one of the most popular ways to do it. Not only does a piece of foam keep you from scraping the shingles, it also keeps your hind parts from becoming well done. Being aware of what type of soles are on your boots or shoes is key. An agressive sole, made for climbing or dirt work, will not be roof friendly. Some of the best foot wear for roofing are made by RedWing and Dr. Martins. The soles are very friendly even during the heat of the day. The insulation between the user and the roofing tiles is very comfortable.
Although you can do everything possible to prevent damage, you probably will have a few scrapes here and there. It's just the nature of the job and temperature. If it damages the shingle to the point of product performance or physical appearance, change it. No since in angering a customer or causing a leak issue.

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